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3 Ways To ​Summer Proof Your Hair!

Posted by Crystal Daniel on Jun 30th 2019

1. Use a ProtectantSalt content is the main concern of taking a dip in ocean water. The sea salt dries on the hair and can make the hair feel drier than it should. To remedy this problem, you could do … read more

​The Naturalista vs The Cosmetologist

Posted by Crystal Daniel on Feb 11th 2019

With all the Rice Water challenges and the memes being shared by cosmetologists calling the method laughable at best, it’s time we have a sit down to start an open dialogue between naturalistas and th … read more

To Heat or Not to Heat?

Posted by Crystal Daniel on Jan 9th 2018

HEAT! NO HEAT! HEAT DAMAGE! "Straight Natural" "SILK PRESS" of course..," Alternative Straightening"The hottest debate in the social media world of natural hair is "Heat or No Heat" on the crown.. Th … read more

Protective or Avoidance Styling?

Posted by Crystal Daniel on Dec 28th 2017

One common conversation I come across when I’m out and about usually starts like this;Woman wearing a Protective Style (Sew-In, Wig or Braids): “I love your Natural Hair”,Me: "Thank you!"Her: "My hai … read more