Hair Type H: Healthy

"Because Magical Can't be Classified"

What is my hair type? This is the most common question asked by naturals in the beginning of their journey. It is important to understand your hair type and the implications of having such a hair type. Some hair types are naturally drier than others, requiring a good moisturizing regimen. Hair texture can differ from density to porosity; therefore, depending solely on hair charting systems may stall your journey to healthy hair. Hair typing can make us lose sight of embracing our hair, by searching for the perfect product to enhance growth or the "well defined" curl. We are dedicated to helping you choose products based on what your hair needs; which can vary based on age, climate or lifestyle changes. Let us help you kiss the A-B-C hair types goodbye and focus on the overall health of your hair!

What's your hair care routine?

Strong, healthy and moisturized hair is built on the foundation of a good hair care regimen. Pairing a great hair care routine with high quality hair products will help to detangle strands, reduce frizz and keep curls soft and refreshed. Leave-in conditioners, deep masques, sulfate free shampoos, curl creams, and so much more were created to support your hair's beauty and health. Hair care products come in many variations for all textures, that is why we choose our selection based on the best results. We have the right regimen for all hair types and help you find the best products that works best for you!

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